How LadyBossBlogger Helped Me Discover the Power of Pinterest and SEO to Drive Traffic to My Christian Blog

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I started blogging sometime in high school and it has been something I’ve enjoyed doing ever since.

I’m always going on new adventures and learning new lessons in life.

Being able to share those things with my audience is so, so rewarding to me.

A few things I love to write about here are my faith, music, my songwriting, and entrepreneurship as I learn to grow my own personal brand.

I decided to take my blog to the next level with help from the @ladybossblogger “GROW CHRISTIAN BLOG” course created by full-time blogger @elainerau.

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This was a very informative course and I was impressed by the wide variety of topics it covered to help you grow your platform.

I personally really enjoyed learning about how to use Pinterest for my business and drive traffic to my website and blog.

There’s a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into creating good SEO (search engine optimization) for your pins.

The more you optimize the SEO for your specific niche, the more you can drive targeted customers and readers to your blog.

SEO has been a TOTAL GAME CHANGER for my business.

I have a blog post of mine where the SEO on my post helped me to rank on the top page of Google for certain keyword searches.

This has been a powerful tool in several ways:

1. It has increased the traffic to my website and the number of my blog readers (all over the world).

2. A percentage of those blog readers are joining my Facebook Group every week.

3. Some of my readers are also converting into mailing list members. (Email is by far the most powerful way to communicate with and sell to your audience.)

So I know firsthand that if you can master SEO, it has the potential to be life-changing for your business.

Elaine Rau does a wonderful job teaching you step by step how to grow your Christian blog in a way that makes sense.

You have such a beautiful message to share with the world, and it deserves to be heard.

If you want to learn how to get MASSIVE TRAFFIC to your blog as well, take the course with me here:

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